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Pheron is a Greek company that was founded late 2008 and is based in Thessaloniki. Our most recent idea is a self-certification center, iUniversity (published on www.iUniversity.org), where people can certify their knowledge in a variety of topics. It doesn’t matter where or how you have acquired your knowledge. You should have the freedom to acquire your knowledge in any way and be able to certify your level of understanding separately.

Another concept developed by Pheron is ECP (published on www.ecp24.eu), the most innovative system against counterfeiting.

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iUniversity is a place where members can certify online their knowledge and publish their profile of qualifications to potential employers. Members can study on their own, or in collaboration with others, by attending online courses and use a wide range of free online learning and collaboration tools offered.

iUniversity has developed several exams on different topics that self-learners can take. In order to prepare and take part on an exam, self-learners are therefore encouraged to enroll and attend the proposed online courses. Note that, Certificates of Excellence are not connected to specific courses but to a knowledge subject (e.g. Management, Marketing, etc). iUniversity has selectively chosen a list of proposed courses for each knowledge subject. For every exam iUniversity has carefully developed over 5000 questions that are constantly updated. Whenever a self-learner takes and exam he or she will be given a different set of 50 questions.

If a user passes an exam he or she will be awarded a certification from iUniversity that shows up as a pdf file in the user’s ePortfolio of qualifications. For a small fee you can request a printed hardcopy of your certification.

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The ECP System is the best possible and most innovative Security application against counterfeited products. It has following features:

  • Security Level: A unified and technically very complex holographic security label of the 1st Level of Security.
  • Code Information: Besides the visual features the ECP Hologram has in addition coded information that can be verified only via special equipment. 
  • ECP Code: A Code that consists of a combination of 16 letters and numbers printed on the hologram. This code is single for each hologram.
  • Internet Communication: The possibility to verify and check the ECP Code via the Internet. 
  • Database: Customers and manufactures are able to monitor counterfeited products that have been reported by the consumers via an intelligent and secure database on the Internet.

General Features
The ECP hologram belongs to the 2D/3D embossing holograms. In this kind of holograms the image consists of several 2 dimensional levels at different levels of depth. All embossing holograms have the so called rainbow effect. That means that for every observation angle you can see the image in a different combination of colours. The size of the ECP hologram is 20 x 20 mm and the three level of depth are:
1st Level (at the background of the hologram): Periodical Iteration of the words "ORIGINAL ΓΝΗΣΙΟ". These two words are covering the whole surface of the hologram.
2nd Level (at the level of the hologram): The geographical region of Europe combined with 15 Stars. 
3rd Label (in front of the hologram): The initial letters ECP. These letters appear and disappear according to the observation angle of the hologram.

ECP Code
The Code that is printed on the surface of the ECP hologram can be used to verify via the database of the ECO on the Internet the authenticity of the product. It is the only part of the hologram that has not the Rainbow Effect. This code is printed with black colour on the hologram and consists of a combination of 16 letters and numbers.

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